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Bridging the gap between ERP and Operations!

You cannot fix one without fixing the other!

Let me put my 30+ years of experience to work for you!

If managing the exceptions is the standard operating procedure, then chaos is in control of the organization.  Processes might have unnecessary steps and procedures might be convoluted due to traditional ways of doing things.  The information needed to make decisions might not be available or the data is a struggle to wade through.
In my experience one significant cause of commotion is the main business software: the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  Complaints that "the software stinks" are usually due to the inability to generate meaningful reports.  I typically find the source of this to be a data setup that does not truly support the current state of or goals of the company.  There may be nothing inherently wrong with the software's functions, and the software may have all the needed features, but the organization is not utilizing the ERP software to its fullest extent, and doing so subjectively to support the needs of the company.
Getting a handle on the big picture and drilling down into the detail is difficult when organization is burdened by putting out sporadic fires.  I will investigate and document the current state of affairs.  Knowing where you are standing ensures the first step you take is in the right direction.  I will recommend a path towards a solution once we both understand the current state and discuss the desired future goals.  I will also discuss strategies for growth and how to compete against competitors, sharing my multi-industry experiences and expertise.  I will plan out and oversee the step-by-step tactics to take your company to each of the next levels.

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Examining all aspects of business operations including:

Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable

Bills Of Labor
Bills Of Material
Bills of Operations
Customer Service
Customer Relationships
Fixed Assets
General Ledger

Sales Orders

Supplier Relationships
Purchase Orders
Vendor Relationships


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